Me and my Sissy Singing
Just for fun. Lels! :)


They send me some flattering messages. Hehe! Wala lang pinili ko lang yung mga PINAKA nakaka-flattered sa lahat.

Sat May 15 2010 16:23:12 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time)
There are so many things ...

There are so many things that I like about you: ure so astig at malupet; dota player; beautiful, seductive and sexy; ure neck?best feature?could be, but for me its ure eyes, the way u stare is just soooo captivating and mystical!; chess; mortred (whom I call batman); reddish hair; the background sound; and of course, I just think that ure sweet (cause that's wat made u a baby, baby unicka^.^) wat I hate about u: hindi nagrereply sa akin, hehehe; and the way u define true love.

< Me: Labo neto, nagrereply naman ako.. and I wonder how do I define love.. O_O >
2 hours ago

u have dis exotic look.. i love it.. hehehehe....

 < Me: Ahas? :)) >

hi po baby unicka super crush ko ang eyes mo po promise TC baby unicka always

< Me: My eyes.. my eyes.. my eyes? Hehe! :| >

Jake D:
10 days ago
hello! i honestly dont know what to say but im absolutely sure that i wanna be frends with you. pls accept my invitation. thanx!

< Me: Cute msg. Hehe! >

Banats & Joke Mode

Posted by iisaw =) | Saturday, May 15, 2010

BRIDE: Kinakabahan ako. Baka di ko makaya.. Parang
natatakot ako.
GROOM- Kaya mo ito. Diba dati may alaga kang ahas?
Oo nga, pero takot talaga ako sa UOD!!


boy: wat course r u taking up?
girl: BSeduc, how bout u?
boy: BS falling in love major in u.
girl: really?! do u know dat i am
planning 2 shift a course? its BSBK-WKC.
boy: huh?

girl: bachelor of sci. in Basted Ka Major in Wala Kang Chance.

Mwuahahaharr! :3


BOY: sabi ni eddie I Love You daw!.
GIRL: sinong eddie??
BOY: eddie-ako!.. :))
BOY: pati pla si patty pinapasabi na I Love You din daw!.
GIRL: sinong patty naman?
BOY: patty-ako!.


Sabi nila. ang mga Anghel daw ay nakatira sa Langit at binabantayan ka. I disagree.
Ba't ako taga-Caloocan lang? :))


Random: Kodigo =)

Posted by iisaw =) | Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When He's not around.. I'll wait for him.
When He's busy.. I wont bother him.
When He's down.. I'll cheer him up.
When He's mad.. I'll make him happy.

Talk each and every night. Chat everyday till the day he come back home..

And when he's home..

I'll kiss him on the forehead before anything else.
Call him in the middle of the day telling that I love him. :)



Pasaway siya pero sumusunod din.
Mapangasar siya pero lambing yun.
Salbahe siya minsan pero alam niya.
Sensitive siya pero pinipigil niya.
Pag nag-aalala siya hindi niya pinapahalata.

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